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Rejouvenate your beauty

Facial Aesthetic Treatment

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At Synergy Dental Clinic we know that feeling good about your appearance means more than just a beautiful smile. That’s why we offer a range of facial aesthetics treatments to help stop the march of time and to give your skin back a more youthful appearance.

As our skin ages, unwanted wrinkles and lines can start to appear. Each time we laugh, frown or smile, our delicate facial muscles contract, creating wrinkles. Over time, these muscle contractions leave permanent lines such as crow’s feet, laughter and frown lines on our face.

Skin also loses naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid as we age, meaning that some of the natural plumpness or fullness is lost. Factors including stress, diet, pollution, smoking and spending lots of time in the sun can also contribute to this process, and can leave our skin looking old before its time.

Facial aesthetics involves the use of non-surgical treatments to reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles and to replace lost hyaluronic acid, giving your skin a more youthful appearance. All of our facial aesthetics treatments are provided by Angie Chambers, who has a Masters’ Degree in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics, or dentist Dr Richard Armishaw, who is also fully qualified in facial aesthetics treatment.


Azzalure uses a purified form of the botulinum type A toxin to get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles, and is principally used on the upper face.

Treatment is fast and painless, and works by forcing the small facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles to relax, thus smoothing out the skin. The effects of treatment will continue to develop for a few days after treatment, and will last up to six months before a repeat session is required.

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I’ve just had my lip line done and it’s amazing, so happy with the effect. I had botox done a few weeks ago and it’s made such a difference. Angela is wonderful, can’t say enough good things about her
— J Squire
I just wanted to say how much I have valued the advice and guidance I have received during each facial treatment visit with Angela. She is warm, funny, caring and professional which is extremely reassuring when one is having new treatments. It’s also great to know that Angela is continuing her own professional development to develop her skills.
— J Bunting
Excellent standard of care, very friendly and welcoming.
— V Jones