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How digital equipment improves dental treatment

June 21, 2022

At Synergy Dental we use the latest technology to enhance treatments, improve patient comfort and achieve optimum results. The use of digital equipment in dentistry can make carrying out dental procedures far more efficient, both for restorative and diagnostic purposes.  Digital dental equipment has evolved over the last few decades and the use of digital imaging and data transfer improves accuracy and removes the need for re-work.  

An intraoral scanner is now a vital piece of equipment to improve treatment planning, as well as

increase efficiency and patient satisfaction. We use ITERO and Planmeca Emerald® intra oral scanners, both are the latest in state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, designed to obtain maximum information on patients’ teeth and gums.

Scanning is far quicker and more accurate than traditional impressions. Patients can avoid the unpleasantness of a mouth full of putty and a lengthy stint in the dentist’s chair. We can also eliminate the risk of having to repeat the process should the impression not be 100% accurate. It’s understandable that patients and dentists dislike this traditional method, it’s time-consuming, there’s room for error and it’s messy!

All these issues prompted a better way to get dental impressions and digital scanning equipment has allowed us to move away from traditional dental moulds and gives us a far more accurate impression of patient’s teeth. Not only can the patient comfort be increased, but digital technology also speeds up treatment time. At Synergy Dental, all our clinical assistants are trained to take intraoral scans which makes appointments run super efficiently.

We also use Smile Designer Pro, a revolutionary app that enables dental practitioners to design and communicate cosmetic treatment plans with other team members and patients. We use this app to create digital treatment plans and share realistic before & after images.

Digital scanning is also advantageous in accurate diagnosis of dental diseases.  The scanner allows us to zoom in and look at details very close up, it is fast and extremely accurate and allows us to see the size of cavities, cracked teeth, excessive erosion, and abrasion.

At Synergy Dental Care we offer Invisalign orthodontic treatment.  Digital scans are crucial for the creation of superior fitting Invisalign aligners.  A digital scan of a person’s upper and lower teeth can be taken, and in a short time a simulation can be created of the patient’s own teeth when straightened.

If you choose to come to Synergy Dental our friendly team will make your experience a pleasant one. With our investment in digital equipment, treatment is efficient, accurate and comfortable. We believe that outstanding dental treatment should be available to everyone and offer membership plans to suit all the family.  We’re digitally enhancing your dental treatment at Synergy Dental.

June 21, 2022