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Children’s dental health– We keep the tooth fairy out of business!

January 6, 2021

Children rely on their guardian to prepare them with good habits, for keeping their mouth clean and healthy, even before the first tooth breaks. Here are some pointers to help.

Children under 7 years old, rarely have the motor skills to brush their teeth without parental help, so they are going to need some guidance up until this point. The most important details to remember are to brush twice a day for two minutes. Try to encourage your child to spit out the excess toothpaste and not rinse it away, this allows the fluoride to protect the teeth for longer. The recommended amount of toothpaste varies from a “smear” for children under 3 years old to a “pea sized” amount for children 3+ years.

Diet is also really important. It is best to try and reduce sugar intake as much as possible and keep juice to mealtimes only. At bedtime or nap time, bottles should only contain milk or water to reduce the risk of decay. Teeth are at the highest risk at night. The salivary rate, which protects the teeth, reduces as we fall asleep.

We recommend introducing children to the dental environment from as early as 6 months, this aims to familiarise them with the sounds and smells. If your child is due for a dental health check, then why not bring them along for their FREE NHS examination at our Burslem Practice, when they will also receive a complimentary dental health pack. Simply give us a call on 01782 837641 to book your appointment.

June 1, 2021