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Assessing your smile virtually

April 28, 2022

‘I would love to have straighter teeth and improve my dental health, and my smile, but I don’t know where to start?’

Are you intrigued about whether you would benefit from dental treatment, or an orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign?  Synergy Dental in Biddulph and Burslem can now help without you even having to leave your home.  Whether you have concerns about your oral health, or you are considering improving your teeth aesthetically, we know that taking the first steps to treatment can be the hardest thing,

That’s why we now offer SmileMate, an online assessment software that uses Artificial Intelligence so that we can assess your dental health remotely.  By using SmileMate we can determine whether you are suitable for treatments such as Invisalign and analyse your overall oral health

SmileMate is so simple to use, simply create your patient profile on our website portal, completing a simple, no obligation form to tell us a bit about you. Then submit five photos of your teeth using your own smart phone, we have prepared a detailed guidance video and instructions on how to do this on our website. The SmileMate tool uses your images and applies AI to create a treatment pre-qualification report for our dentist. We can start proposing a treatment plan before a patient even steps foot inside the practice.

Using your images we can prepare a comprehensive report of your oral health and suggested treatment options. SmileMate does not replace a face-to-face consultation and examination, but an initial assessment allows patients to get the process of dental treatment started.

SmileMate is free to all patients and will literally take a few minutes to use.  We suggest that you ask someone to help you take your photos to make things even easier. Ensure you are in a well-lit area, or use a flash, stay close to your camera, and look straight ahead – simple!

Whether you have a busy home life or a job that prevents you taking time out during the week Synergy Dental are offering a service and technology to make life easier. If you’ve been avoiding necessary treatment or are just intrigued to see if you would be suitable for Invisalign treatment, then try SmileMate today.

Synergy Dental offer high quality dental treatment, and we always aim to give our patients an outstanding experience.  We offer membership plans to suit the whole family, caring for your dental health is our passion.

April 28, 2022